About Tastefully Yours 

Do what you love & eat good food


They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. This is especially true for Tastefully Yours owner and Augusta native Jennifer Shuford. Roughly 20 years ago, she was busy successfully running a restaurant owned by someone else. It was around this time that her then-boyfriend, now husband, recognized her passion for the industry and encouraged her to open her own catering business. In August 2001, Tastefully Yours was born and she hasn’t looked back since!

Running strong for more than two decades, Tastefully Yours continues to serve up memorable moments and culinary delights for every client and occasion. What initially began as a catering service soon grew into much more. Tastefully Yours offers everything from complete event planning services and custom wedding catering to catering for any event both large or small.

More Than Just Another Catering Company


For Jennifer, Tastefully Yours is more than just another catering company. She works tirelessly for each client, adding personalized touches and details that may represent their history, story, or future.


In 2020, Tastefully Yours continued to evolve, adapting to the challenges brought by the pandemic by forming a retail marketplace for casseroles, sweets, and a wide array of provisions scratch-made, everyday. What’s next? Well…The best is yet to come…